Son of Pablo Escobar turns back on drug empire, apologizes to father’s victims (AUDIO)

He grew up with every luxury imaginable, then watched his father’s dead body pulled from a bullet-riddled car at just 16-years-old. But the son of Columbian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar turned away from his family’s infamous legacy and instead works toward rebuilding what his father destroyed.

“I feel I have a moral responsibility to go before society, recognize my father’s crimes and to apologize to the victims of these crimes,” Sebastián Marroquín, who changed his name from the highly recognizable Juan Pablo Escobar, told NPR in a recent interview.

Marroquin’s father is said to be responsible for the murder of some 3,000 Columbians in the 1980s and 90s, many of whom were killed by car bombs and other explosions. Marroquin studied architecture and uses his skills to help rebuild what was father destroyed. In addition, he travels around giving motivational speeches and speaking out against the illegal drug trade and the atrocities carried out by his father.

[ NPR ]

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