Weapon wielding scary clown seen in AR community (VIDEO)

Authorities around White Hall, Arkansas, have received multiple reports of a scary, weapon-wielding clown terrorizing the community.

The first calls came in Monday morning around 4 a.m. Witnesses said the clown, described as having orange hair and wearing a jumpsuit, was standing near a wooded area close to the road. Police searched the area, but found nothing.

The second reporting came in the same day later in the evening when a resident said a clown was caught knocking on the front door of a home. Officers arrived within two minutes, but still, no scary clown was found.

The third round of calls came in later that night. Witnesses said the clown was seen crossing the street, this time in front of stopped cars.

According to the police chief, on at least one of the occasions, the scary clown was said to be carrying either an ax or machete of some sort.

[ THV 11 ]

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