Scott family attorney calls for peace in Charlotte (VIDEO)

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, the lawyers representing the family of Keith Lamont Scott, the man who was shot and killed by Charlotte police earlier this week, asked for riots to stop and calm to prevail in the city.

Attorney Justin Bamberg said the family and the community want – and deserve – answers to questions surrounding the circumstances of Scott’s death. The family, along with their attorneys, watched videos of the incident, but Bamberg said the family now have even more questions. Bamberg noted nothing could be seen in Scott’s hands and that he was shot while walking backwards, but otherwise provided few details of what was seen.

The family refused to comment while leaving the police department after watching the videos, which are being held by authorities.

Bamberg said Scott’s family does not agree with the rioting going on in the city and asked that “those who wish to protest” to “do so peacefully.”

[ The Charlotte Observer ]

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