Suppressed Glocks vs invasive lionfish in Florida (VIDEO)

Glocks are famous for their underwater capabilities and the urban legends surrounding their use with “maritime spring cups” so it makes sense that this happened. In Florida.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages divers, anglers and commercial harvesters to remove lionfish in state waters to limit negative impacts to native marine life and ecosystems. In a single weekend-long event in West Florida alone last weekend over 1,600 lionfish were eradicated from local reefs and fishing holes.

Courtland Hunt, a spearfisherman with Go Fish Productions out of Anna Maria Island, Florida documented their on-going sea hunt between man and lionfish with gently modified Gen 3 Glock 17s and lead-free ammo.

And for more on their underwater suppressor (which is baffleless and doesn’t en-quiet anything above water), was tested and developed in cooperation with Airborne Arms, check out the below vid.

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