One very wonky unlicensed Vietnamese 1911 clone (VIDEO)

Ian with Forgotten Weapons takes a gander at a cottage made M1911-ish pistol that has a lot of the same features of a GI longslide, namely the long slide.

A number of these homemade garage guns were built by VC units in South Vietnam that had a hard time getting good Chicom gear shipped down the Hồ Chí Minh trail and, captured by U.S. troops, were brought back as war trophies.

The gun that Ian has, from the Gerard Ruth collection, lacks a safety (though it has a lever for one) a mag release button (though it has a rotating keeper on the bottom of the well) and is constructed with mild steel using brazing. The internals are very 1911 like–except for a lack of locking lugs on the smoothbored barrel, brazed-in breechblock and blowback action. It also has some Spanish and Soviet mechanical additions but don’t worry, they are merely ornamental in function.

Yikes is the technical term.

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