Gavin Newsom does Facebook Live. Gets bombarded with Shrimp Boy and Leland Yee

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, running for the Governor’s mansion in the future but backing an anti-gun ballot measure and a marijuana referendum this year, had his Facebook event hijacked.

While Newsom staffers cherry picked questions and talking points for the 26-minute event, few pointed questions on Prop. 63, his five-part plan to lower the boom on gun rights in the state, made it through to the conversation.

They did, however, run rampant in the comment section.

There were many who asked where Shrimp Boy Chow or Leland Yee were, as well as a few 2A community inside jokes (“No Step on Snek”) but overall, it seemed like anti-Prop 63 sentiment was alive and well, with the majority of the 2,300 comments posted being against the measure.

Here is a sample of the comments:

Gavin please keep telling yourself this will stop bad people from getting guns and ammo. You live in some fantasy land. It’s just a way to milk more money out of legal gun owners

Vote no on 63! Even the police are against it. Criminals don’t obey these ridiculous laws, they only affect law abiding citizens.

How about taken the guns outta the hands of criminals most law abiding citizen usually purchase guns to protect home and family

California already has the strongest gun control laws in the nation. How’s does Prop 63 different then the laws passed by Kevin De Leon and Jerry Brown.

No on 63! No on 63! IT DOESNT WORK! ITS BEEN PROVEN TO NOT WORK! Your rate of safety directly correlates with the rise of concealed carry. Do your homework before you spill lies to the sheeple.

Legal gun owners are not the problem. Corruption and criminals are how about finding ways to properly fund the justice system?

he majority of mass shootings have been committed by registered democrats, in gun free zones, and not with “assault weapons”. Not a single one by an NRA member……thought you should know

If you’ve had enough, then abolish gun free zones, and allow me to procure a concealed weapons permit to protect my family no matter where I may roam in the state

Taking away my gun won’t stop terrorists. NO on 63. By the way will your armed security guards be affected by your proposed legislation?

The War on Drugs is a failure, yet you want to start a War on Guns, WTF. BTW, GUN CONTROL has racist roots.

Did the founders envision the telephone or internet when the wrote the 1st amendment?

But the comments weren’t all abusive. Some people really like Newsom.

You are our Martin Luther King for the LGBT community. Xo xo

Gavin did a great job as Mayor of San Francisco and he will do great as our future Governor after Jerry Brown who completely cleaned up the mess Arnold left us

Gavin Newsom …. would make a great President. God bless you, great man!

I applaud what you’re doing! You can hold your head up high cause you’re fighting for the victims. Keep it up!

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