The confusing story of an armed citizen on patrol (VIDEOS)

Armed with an AR-15, four mags and a Molon Lebe knife, 20-year-old Conor Climo took to the streets of the Centennial Hills neighborhood of Las Vegas, but after he got some media attention, soon stood down.

In the above video, which was published by KTNV last Thursday, Climo was interviewed and said he had started his patrol the weekend prior, walking the beat six-hours a day.

“If there is possibly a very determined enemy, we at least have the means to deal with it,” said Climo, who says he served very briefly in the military.

Climo broke no laws, with Nevada being an open carry state, but in the coverage from KTNV, some people seemed kinda freaked out.

Then on the 23rd, the next day, Climo threw in the towel on armed patrols after some volunteers came to him and wanted to expand the neighborhood watch, sans firearms.

But wait, Climo popped up on YouTube saying “I’m shutting it down” and “I am not going to do anything more with it” going on to say he left the Army on a general discharge. “I thought I could do something with this to better my community.”

When KTNV tried to touch base with him again, he declined an interview or to give more info on his past military service.

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