October is ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’ in Kansas

Gov. Sam Browback this week will declare that moving forward the 10th month of the year will be for zombie awareness “because if you’re prepared for that, you’re prepared for any emergency.”

As announced by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Zombie Preparedness Month will highlight the 22 natural and man-made potential hazards that may occur in the Sunflower State, ranging from floods to radiological events and earthquakes.

KDEM will run a series of Zombie Preparedness Challenges on their social media page throughout October in an effort to engage the public.

“Tornadoes, floods and other disasters are real and I’ve seen the destruction they can cause,” said Brownback in a statement. “I encourage all Kansans to take time to make an emergency kit for your home and car and have a plan to reach family in the event of an emergency.”

Also, Kansas is a constitutional carry state, so there’s that.

Brownback is set to sign the proclamation Friday, Sept. 30 at 9:30 a.m. in the Governor’s Ceremonial Office on second floor of the Kansas Capitol with state emergency management officials (and maybe zombies?) in attendance.

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