Kim Rhode makes short work of Gavin Newsom on Twitter

Kim Rhode, six time Olympic champ, at the Rio games. (Photo: Team USA)

Kim Rhode, six time Olympic champ, at the Rio games. (Photo: Team USA)

After making a video slamming Lt. Gov. Newsom’s Prop. 63 ballot initiative, Olympian Kim Rhode was not one to sit idly by while Newsom tried to dismiss her fears via social media.

In a spot released Wednesday by the Coalition for Civil Liberties, a group of Second Amendment advocates and police lobby organizations against the measure, Rhode slammed Newsom’s “Safety for All” ballot initiative that will, among other things, establish a system of background checks for ammunition sales and end online gun sales that ship ammo to one’s home.

Newsom responded by taking to Twitter with a tweet directed at the world class competitive shooter, saying, “Congrats on your 6 Olympic medals – very impressive! But, did you know Prop 63 actually exempts ammo bought & used at a range?” with the assumption that is how Rhode, who burns through 800 shells per day while in training, operates.

You know what they say about assumptions, eh?

Rhode, a fighter who picked up a medal in every Olympic game she ever went to, got off a few rounds in rapid reply.

“You don’t understand how an Olympic athlete acquires ammunition!” she tweeted, following it up with, “Not sure where self-serving politicians hone their skills but Olympic shooters don’t just practice at formal ranges…” before dropping, “But always happy to teach you about the guns and ammo you don’t trust me to own.”

The irony was not lost on those observing the fireworks.

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