TX man ready to record police brutality, helps officer instead (VIDEO)

A man who thought he was going to capture an act of police brutality on video outside of a Plano, Texas, convenience store ended up instead helping the officer to detain the suspect.

Majd D. Qewar, 27, was captured on surveillance video stealing a charity donation jar from the counter of a 7-Eleven. Qewar then ran out of the store where Detective Jon Hoffman just happened to be. Hoffman said it was obvious the man had just stolen the jar, but when he went to apprehend him, a struggle ensued.

A small crowd quickly gathered with onlookers whipping out their cell phones to record the officer in action, with many likely believing the situation was going to escalate. Andre Harvey was one of those witnesses.

“That was my impulse. I hate to say it but that was my impulse, ‘This cop is going to something stupid,’” Harvey later told reporters, “but I was shocked he did exactly what he should’ve done.”

In fact, Hoffman yelled for help from the crowd, and Harvey along with another witness, Kirby Sample, who was also recording video, quickly came to Hoffman’s aid. Hoffman said neither of the men hesitated to help, and the three of them were able to subdue Qewar.

Qewar was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance.

As a token of thanks, Hoffman treated Harvey and Sample to lunch.

“This man is very professional and he knows his job,” Harvey said of Hoffman.

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