Miami Police: Stop telling kids we will jail them (VIDEO)

Parents, please stop telling your children that we will take them to jail if they behave bad. We want them to run to us if they are scared, NOT be scared of us!

Posted by Miami Police Department on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Miami Police Department this week released a bi-lingual public service announcement urging parents to stop telling their children that cops will take them away for being bad.

The short clip, released via social media, has a female Spanish-speaking and a male English-speaking officer explain that, while it may be tempting to use police as a “bogeyman” of sorts to get kids to behave, it is counter-productive. They advise that, especially in a situation where a child is lost or separated from their family, they want youth to look to police as someone who is safe to approach.

“So parents think about this,” says the officer. “If your kid is ever in danger or lost, we don’t want them to be afraid of police officers. We want them to feel comfortable enough to come up and approach us, and ask for help.”

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