Avidity Arms and Rob Pincus partner for PD10 handgun, shipping soon

Avidity Arms Rob Pincus PD10

The PD10 comes courtesy of new firearms manufacturer Avidity Arms and I.C.E. Training founder Rob Pincus. (Photo: Avidity Arms)

Avidity Arms partnered with firearms trainer Rob Pincus to develop the new PD10 handgun, a personal defense pistol shipping in 2017.

The PD10 is a joint venture between newly formed firearms maker Avidity Arms and I.C.E. Training founder and firearms trainer Rob Pincus. Pincus says the project, started two years ago, has been largely kept under wraps.

“We’ve been keeping this really close to the vest, want to make sure it’s just right before it goes out,” Pincus said in a recent video, showing off the PD10 for the first time

Designed from the ground-up with personal defense in mind, the PD10 is a single-stack, striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm.  A four-inch barrel sits on a 6.94-inch overall polymer frame, giving the pistol a weight of 18.80 ounces.

With a 10+1 capacity, the handgun features aggressive side serrations for greater gripping and ripping. In addition to an Ameriglo Luma Glow front sight, the PD10 features an I.C.E. Claw Emergency Manipulation rear sight. The Claw sight features a concave leading edge to facilitate one-handed reloads and malfunction responses.

The pistol seems to be all about the tactile cues, incorporating a loaded chamber indicator as well as a security index point for resting that trigger finger when not in use.

A bladed trigger and deep-seated grip combined with small grip area is clearly designed to bring in shooters with smaller hands who often must turn to aftermarket accessories for better fitting handguns.

“It is intended to be a personal defense gun,” said Pincus. “We intend for it to compete with the kind of guns we recommend normally — the Springfield XDs, the Glocks, the M&Ps — the guns we know are reliable, the guns we know work.”

Pincus says Avidity Arms is close to perfecting the handgun and consumers should expect to see it on dealer’s shelves sometime in early 2017.

MSRP is set at $499.

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