Man survives insane grizzly attack (VIDEO) **GRAPHIC**

A man scouting for elk in Montana’s Madison Valley Saturday didn’t find any elk, but instead wandered upon a mama grizzly with her cubs and now has the scars to prove it.

Todd Orr, 50, was about 3 miles into a trail and away from his truck when he saw the bear. At first, the mama and her cubs turned and appeared to walk away, but then the mom turned back around and full-on charged at Orr.

From about 25 feet, Orr sprayed the grizzly with bear spray, but it didn’t even so much as faze the angry animal. The bear then proceeded to rip into Orr’s head, arms and shoulders. He described the force of the bites “like a sledge hammer with teeth.”

After a few minutes of tearing at his flesh, the bear wandered away… or so he thought.

Orr was utterly amazed that he survived the attack, and quickly made his way down the trail to get back to his truck and get medical treatment, as he knew his injuries were severe.

But about 10 minutes down the trail, Orr was met by the grizzly once again, and in an instance she was pouncing. As the mama bear once again ripped at his shoulder, arms and head, Orr questioned whether he would survive a second attack.

Finally, Orr stopped fighting back, just laid still, completely motionless and completely quiet. Eventually, the grizzly stopped her feast and simply walked away. Orr then once again started his trek to his truck, while racing against time, as he was concerned the blood loss could quickly turn to a critical matter.

As soon as Orr got to a place with a cell phone signal, he called for help – and took a moment to make a quick video, snap some pics and post them to Facebook.

Eventually, Orr was transported to a hospital where it took medical personnel eight hours to stitch him up. He was left with extensive wounds, including a huge gash across the side of his head, and large bear claw bruises on his back.

Orr wrapped up the entire encounter by saying, “Yeah, life sucks in bear country.”

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