DEA stocks up on guns, ammo

The Drug Enforcement Agency awarded contracts for new Glock pistols and a supply of ammo, according to contract announcements issued in the past month.

Monday’s announcement listed Texas-based Orr Tactical winning a $32,000 contract for ammunition. The ammo maker specializes in self-defense handgun ammo and common rifle rounds like .223, .308, .and .300 AAC Blackout.

Last month, the DEA issued a notice for a $96,000 contract for new Glock 17 pistols, the standard issued service weapon for the agency. The order will replace exiting pistol inventory in the agency’s domestic field offices.

Also last month, the Agency bought $49,420 worth of barrels from Rock River Arms, an Illinois company that specializes in AR-type weapons.

In June, the Federal Bureau of Investigation awarded Glock, an Austrian company with U.S. operations in Georgia, an $85 million contract to produce 9mm handguns for the better part of a decade.

The massive price tag covered orders for other law enforcement agencies under the Justice Department as well as federal Offices of Inspector General.

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