Mark Serbu has plans for a DIY pistol to clog gun buybacks (VIDEO)

Firearms designer Mark Serbu unleashes the concept for his GB-22, a four-piece .22 rimfire single-shot handgun that can be crafted by virtually anyone.

With only a barrel, frame, slide and recoil spring, the GB-22 can be crafted at home with steel bar stock by use of a hacksaw, file and drill. The only tricky part is attaching the barrel to the frame, which can be done via welding, roll pins, or screws. The concept is to be able to make a simple, working gun for whatever reason you want– though he stresses you could sell these at buy backs for a profit.

Of course, his example is a little tricked out with an optic and some custom grips, and he makes the prototype on CAD/CAM-controlled CNC machines because its easy to do and he has access to them, but he stresses you can craft virtually the same with hand tools, it just takes more sweat equity.

If you don’t want to buy a spring, he even shows you how to craft your own out of music wire.

Serbu is looking to run plans and/or kits for these if he gets enough interest in the idea.

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