Bad Santa arrested for cocaine and illegal gun factory

gun factory

Brazilian authorities arrested a man known locally as Santa Claus last month after the discovery of an illegal gun manufacturing plant in Santa Luzia.

Military Police found the plant was producing submachine guns, which were distributed on what authorities called a large scale. Altogether, 19 crude metal submachine guns were found, along with parts and manufacturing equipment, ammunition of varying calibers and cell phones containing messages for gun orders. The icing on the cake was cocaine weighing in at – ironically – 7.62 kilos and $10,000 in cash.

Leonardo Thomasi, 68, who is from Russian and works at a local mall as Santa Claus during the holidays, was arrested, along with his stepson, Wladmir Madjer Stuart Nascimento Coutinho, 30.

gun factorygun factorygun factorygun factory

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