DOJ debuts website to help with domestic violence gun bans

The U.S. Department of Justice this week went live with a newly-established resource designed to support “domestic violence firearm prohibitions” at all levels.

The Safer Families, Safer Communities site, established by the DOJ’s National Domestic Violence and Firearms Resource Center with the aspiration of taking guns from those involved in domestic violence.

“Through this project communities will have the information, training and support necessary for developing and implementing effective enforcement mechanisms to disarm domestic violence offenders,” reads the site, which sprang from a 2013 grant from the Office on Violence Against Women.

The project is a partnership with a number of women’s rights groups, DOJ, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and a gun control organization– the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The website provides research, studies and information for communities “needed to shape informed responses to firearm-involved domestic violence,” as well as community strategies aimed at “reducing violent offenders’ access to guns and ammunition.”

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