NJ trooper handles call about panhandler with class (VIDEO)

Authorities received a call from a business owner in Hainesport Township, New Jersey, Saturday night complaining about a man asking for money outside of the store, but the responding officer didn’t just simply shoo the man away, he instead bought him a rotisserie chicken.

After Trooper Sean Wallace pulled up to the establishment, he approached the man and asked what was going on. The man calmly explained that he was simply trying to get enough money to buy a rotisserie chicken for him and his wife, noting that they spent the last of their money earlier that morning for breakfast.

Wallace talked with the man for a bit and when it began to rain, Wallace placed the man in the back of his patrol car.

Then Wallace walked away, only to return a few minutes later with a bag containing a chicken. The officer handed the bag over to the man and explained – calm yet firmly – that he had to go, and if he returned, things were going to be a bit different. Wallace also said he would give the man a ride, but at that point the rain had stopped, so he didn’t. The grateful man said thank you to Wallace and another officer, then left without further incident.

Footage from both officers’ body cams, which were only recently implemented, was posted to the New Jersey State Police’s Facebook page, where the department wrote, “Trooper Sean Wallace has less than two years on the job, but he handled this situation like a 20-year veteran with a heart of gold.”

The department also noted that “some things you just can’t teach in the academy…”

[ New Jersey State Police ]

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