TX homeowner goes full-on Clint Eastwood when creepy clowns refuse to get off his lawn (VIDEO)

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A Texas homeowner fired a warning shot at two people dressed as clowns after they refused to get off of his lawn late Tuesday night.

Police say the homeowner was working in the garage of his Pampa home around 10:30 p.m. when he noticed the two people dressed as clowns, standing in his front yard while laughing. The homeowner, however, didn’t find the gesture amusing and told the clowns to go away.

But when the clowns not only refused to get off his lawn, but advanced toward him, the homeowner grabbed a gun and fired a warning shot.

At that point, the clowns stopped laughing and started running.

The incident left authorities warning those who like to dress as clowns and scare people that such situations may not always end well.

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