Playing the hits: Testing the old school .32ACP and .30 Carbine on gel (VIDEO)

Tim with the Military Arms Channel taps in some old platforms in dated calibers, giving them a round of ballistics testing with modern ammo.

The .32 ACP (7.65x17mm) was designed by John Moses Browning in 1899 for his FN1900 pistol and has been around for a long, long time. As you likely know, the .30 Carbine (7.62x33mm) was developed by Winchester from their 1900s era .32 WSL round just in time for World War II service.

While vintage, manufacturers are still making new rifles and pistols for these calibers.

Using Hornday and Underwood rounds, MAC goes in depth and even brings out a collectable Mauser pistol for the .32 trials.

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