Exotic shotgun slugs v. bullet (resistant) glass (VIDEO)

The 12 gauge specialists over at Taofledermaus took a sheet of ballistic glass and went to town on it with an international buffet of slugs from around the world.

The sheet of glass weighs 38-pounds and is proof to .44 Magnum and runs $1,800 smackers.

The slugs of choice: an Italian DGS-12 Borra Proiettile game slug, a Soviet Poleva bullet from the 1980s, a Latvian Monolit-28 solid steel slug used for hunting boar, a Russian Leningradka-2 (you know Leningradka, da?) and a Federal Power-Shok deer slug for a control.

Pro tip: Don’t stand behind ballistic glass rated for .44 Mag and blow raspberries at a hombre with a scattergun.

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