Abandoned cell phones raise awareness to gun free zones in new gun control ad (VIDEO)

The Brady Campaign tapped a firm noted for their LGBT campaigns to craft an anti-gun video based on the Pulse nightclub shooting that actually makes a great point for everyday carry and against gun free zones.

“Inspired by an Orlando policeman’s gut-wrenching account from the crime scene of cellphones continuing to ring at the club hours after all the victims had been taken out,” the spot was made by Brand+Aid Creative, a firm that specializes in LGBT and HIV/AIDS campaigns.

The 30-second ad pans from phone to phone across a floor littered with spent brass, lost shoes and broken glass, showing urgent messages sent by friends and family checking in on those who may have been victims to an attack.

As pointed out by ENDO, “I see this more as a pro-gun prepare for the worst by protecting yourself type ad than the anti-gun ad it’s intended to be. The fact 49 people were able to be shot like fish in a barrel, I find VERY troubling.”

If you didn’t know better, you’d almost expect a number to contact your local concealed carry trainer at the end or a campaign website to against gun free zones. Nope, just the Brady Campaign.

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