MI judge rips off robe, helps subdue unruly defendant (VIDEO)

Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain was obviously fed up with seeing Jacob Larson in his court room once again, but when Larson resisted while being taken into custody, McBain flung off his robe and charged at the man.

Larson was in court after he violated an order of protection and continued to contact a woman via Facebook messages. McBain compared Larson’s behavior to some sort of fatal attraction, as Larson said he wanted to hear from the victim – not the judge – that she wanted to be left alone.

“I told you to leave her alone,” McBain said to Larson with growing irritation in his tone, “and apparently that didn’t come through loud and clear.”

McBain then ordered Larson to serve jail time, but still, Larson would not just shut his mouth as instructed. As Larson continued to push his limits, but McBain pushed back with additional jail time each time he spoke out of turn.

Finally, McBain instructed the bailiff to take him away, but Larson resisted.

In a split second, McBain stepped down from the bench, flung off his robe and charged toward Larson while telling the bailiff, “Tase his ass right now.”

Larson wasn’t tased, but he was taken to jail.

[ Michigan Live ]

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