TSA finds a gun, duct taped in a ball of clay, inside a computer, in a checked bag

Who travels with a desktop anymore? (Photo: TSA)

Who travels with a desktop? People who need a place to store their clay wrapped 9 milly, that’s who. (Photo: TSA)

While inspecting checked bags at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport this week, Transportation Security Administration screeners found something odd.

“Upon first glance, you might think this is a kindergarten art project,” noted the agency on their Instagram feed. “Not quite… You can’t see it, but underneath the modeling clay and duct tape is a loaded 9mm firearm inside of a computer. It was discovered recently in a checked bag at Houston (IAH). Firearms are permitted in checked bags, but they have to be declared, unloaded and properly packed.”

Besides the clay-cased, computer-wrapped improperly checked 9mm, TSA also discovered 75 firearms this week in carry-on bags, of which 66 were loaded.

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