Man shot after exposing himself, attempted assault on woman at dental office (VIDEO)

A man was shot outside of a Houston dental office last week after he exposed himself and chased patients and employees.

Authorities say a female patient was leaving the office around 1 p.m. Tuesday, October 11, when the man, who was exposed from the waist down, approached her in the parking lot. The woman ran back into the dental office, but the suspect followed her, rambling incoherently the entire time.

The woman, along with the others who were in the office at the time, barricaded themselves behind a locked door for safety. But the suspect punched a hole through the door and continued chasing those inside. In fact, he chased the dentist all the way out of the back door.

However, the dentist was armed with a handgun and as the suspect continued to rush him and ignore multiple commands to back off, the dentist fired, striking the suspect.

The suspect is expected to recover and no one else was injured. The suspect’s family members told investigators and media on the scene that the man was high on PCP.

[ ABC 13 ]

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