Can a POF 416 make it through 416 rounds before it melts down? (VIDEO)

The hardworking gang over at IV8888 give one of Patriot Ordnance Factory’s P416 select-fire piston guns a chance to heat up in their melt-down challenge.

The band of Georgia gunsmiths grabbed the fun-button enabled P416 for their latest test, stoking it with Magpul D-60s and PMAGS until it just wouldn’t go cyclic anymore.

Speaking of cyclic, the gun’s rate of fire seems to run out of steam after about three minutes on full Freedom, then come the jams.

How many rounds did they get off in the end and what was the failure point? Watch the video. It gets kind of impressive. Like (spoiler) 2,500 rounds in 20 minutes and sill kicking.

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