IN bar’s pro-Trump ‘grab them’ sign stirring controversy (VIDEO)

The Griffith Town Tap Bar in Griffith, Indiana, has caused some controversy over a pro-Trump message posted outside of their establish.

Apparently, the marquee originally read, “Vote Trump. Grab them by the pussy.” But after some complaints, the owner replaced a couple of words in an effort to make it a little less offensive. It now reads, “Vote Trump. Grab them by the $1.00 pint.”

Still, some say the sign is just too much, while others believe it’s just really not that big of a deal.

Local resident Emily Hobson, a sexual abuse survivor, started a petition to have the sign completely taken down.

“That’s disgusting,” Hobson told reporters. “It hurts me to see people go through what I went through, and I mean, I can’t handle this.”

However, it’s unlikely that – even if she gets the signatures she’s after – Hobson’s petition will yield any results, because it doesn’t appear at this time that the sign – with its new wordage – is in violation of any state laws or city codes. The legal findings will be revealed at a town hall meeting Tuesday night, which Hobson plans to attend.

[ NBC Chicago ]

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