Montana man sentenced for selling guns, machine guns without a license


(Photo: Michael Saechang/Flickr)

A Montana man will spend four years in federal prison for selling guns without a license, the Justice Department announced this week.

John Stewart Davis, 71, of Coram, Montana, pleaded guilty in June to three felony counts that include dealing firearms without a license, unlawful possession and transfer of unregistered firearms, and unlawful possession and transfer of a machine gun, according to court documents.

In court documents, prosecutors said they had evidence he dealt the firearms without a license for 25 years, often selling guns to out of state residents. Davis also made and transfered an unregistered machine gun.

Undercover agents bought weapons from Davis at gun shows and at his shop in northwest Montana. According to the ATF, who helped in the investigation, Davis showed agents how his homemade machine gun worked. Agents also observed a workbench with tools for gunsmithing.

According to court documents, Davis had been scratching off serial numbers so the guns couldn’t be traced back to him.

As many as 360 guns were seized by the ATF from Davis’ residence in July 2015.

Davis will spend four years in federal prison and then have three years of supervision upon his release.

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