NRA Commentator: Be ready for ISIS nukes and power grid sabotage (VIDEOS)

Sponsored by Kimber, former Navy SEAL Dom Raso isn’t pulling any punches preaching preparedness in his latest series of videos for the National Rifle Association.

A frogman for 12 years, Raso joined the NRA News team in 2013 along with “urban gun enthusiast” and attorney Colion Noir, and others (Natalie Foster and hipster Billy Johnson– where is Billy these days!) and gives voice to veterans and security issues.

Raso’s two latest spots, above and below, shine the light on how our unprotected southern border has created an opportunity for ISIS to work with the Mexican cartels to smuggle a nuclear device into America and how, with enough intelligence and advance planning, a terrorist could create a long-term power outage across entire regions of the country—if not more—and destabilize all of American society.

Before you post the “Hold up, we got a badass here,” meme, keep in mind that there was an actual attack on PG&E Corp’s Metcalf Transmission Substation outside of San Jose, California in 2013 where 17 electrical transformers were riddled with 100 or so .30 caliber bullets, causing some $15 million in damages.

Of course, the FBI said it didn’t fit the “definition” of terrorism. Jokes. We got ‘em.

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