Caracal rolls out replacements for recalled pistols (VIDEO)

Gun maker Caracal USA said replacement pistols will be available for customers who returned defective models three years ago, according to Tuesday’s announcement.

“Model F replacement pistols have cleared U.S. Customs,” said Jeff Spalding, Caracal spokesman, in a video announcement. “The distribution of these pistols will be dedicated to customers affected by the 2013 Model F and C recall program.”

The replacement is a Model F upgraded with a redesigned trigger safety, trigger bar, firing pin unit and a machined one-piece multi-function unit, according to the announcement.

Caracal Model F

The replacement Caracal Model F pistol. (Photo: Caracal USA)

“These enhancements increase both the safety and durability of the Model F pistol, while maintaining the same overall ergonomics and exterior aesthetics,” the company said.

In October 2012, Caracal issued a warning and later a full recall for Model F as well as Model C pistols because of an alleged defect that could allow the gun to discharge if dropped on a hard surface. While specific quantities were not disclosed, recalled models included a wide range of serial numbers.

Additionally, in early 2013, another batch of Caracal pistols, specifically the Model C, were subjected to a voluntary recall due to an alleged manufacturing error. Later, Caracal recalled multiple inventories because the pistols could not be repaired and stated “all Model C pistols must be returned for refund.”

Spalding said Caracal, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, has been developing manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and a customer service department in Idaho.

For a replacement gun, the company has asked those who returned Model F and C pistols to contact the recall center at or by phone at (208) 323-8727.

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