Debbie Downer on how to talk your fam into gun control votes (VIDEO)

Actress Rachel Dratch, probably known best for playing Debbie Downer on SNL, stumps for Everytown in a two minute sketch on getting relatives out to vote for increased gun laws.

“With this election coming up, I realized that I had to do something to support gun sense candidates,” says Dratch in a fictionalized version of herself, puffing out the Everytown button on her blouse. “You know, candidates that support common sense gun safety laws.”

And with this, she calls her gram, portrayed by herself (or possibly Carol Kane), and telling her that “criminals can easily get a gun” due to the lax laws on background checks (despite 1.3 million denials by the FBI to those unable to pass a check ) that can be changed (such as in Washington which has seen one prosecution under their new universal check law in 2014).

To which Gram replies that she voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt back in 1944 and he signed a law to get “Tommy guns out of the hands of gangsters.”

While, of course, FDR signed the National Firearms Act in 1934, would-be criminals still can get select-fire guns with a quickness (see  here, here, here and here) whereas lawful gun owners seeking Title II firearms have to jump through a whole lotta hoops.

“Now you are just making stuff up, Grandma,” says Dratch.


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