Going the distance with the .500 S&W Mag (VIDEO)

IV8888 and TGC teamed up with a custom Thompson/Center Encore chambered in .500 S&W Magnum and tested out just how far it was still lethal.

The five-hundo is on the hefty end of revolver cartridges and, when fired out of the 16-inch barrel of the Haus of Guns customized T/C mated to a Bowers Group Vers 50 high-efficiency can, surely picks up some fps over what you would see from a hand cannon.

So how far does it reach out and penetrate pine baffle board โ€” aka old-school ballistics gel?

Watch the vid.

Spoiler alert: they try a 600 yard shot with stupid large holdovers to compensate and a time of flight long enough to make a sandwich.

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