Felon pleads guilty to possession of gun in school zone

A New Orleans man entered a guilty plea for possession of a firearm and ammunition in a school zone, the Justice Department announced this month.

Kenneth Jackson, 24, was charged with the one count in March after authorities arrested him for shooting at two people.

According to court documents, surveillance video captured Jackson shooting at two men sitting in a Pontiac G6 after an argument within 1,000 feet of Homer A. Plessy Community School on March 9.

Federal agents conducting surveillance in the area confirmed with New Orleans police that Jackson was the shooter. They witnessed him 35 minutes before wearing the same clothes as in the video.

The criminal complaint describes Jackson, after the argument, as retrieving something from a car and then concealing it under his shirt in a manner in which an individual would conceal a firearm as he walked to a porch. When the Pontiac drove by, Jackson fired shots in its direction and at least one round hit the windshield. The car’s occupants also seemed to return fire before driving off.

Although Jackson admitted to investigators after his March 21 arrest that he shot at the two men, agents obtained a recording of a phone call Jackson made five days later where he admitted he didn’t even know the victims’ identities.

A review of Jackson’s criminal record shows a 2015 conviction of cocaine possession and another conviction from 2013 for illegal carrying of a weapon.

Jackson will be sentenced in a federal court on Jan. 24. For possession of a gun in a school zone, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Article updated on Oct. 26, 2016 at 1:50 p.m. EST

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