New Orleans man arrested after trying to bring gun into Epcot (VIDEO)

A 61-year-old man from New Orleans is banned from Disney theme parks after he accidentally tried to bring a gun into Florida’s Epcot Theme Park Monday.

The handgun was discovered after Michael Langston was randomly chosen by park security to walk through a metal detector. Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were called to the park and found Langston in possession of a loaded .380 caliber Smith & Wesson.

Langston told authorities he was not trying to sneak the gun into the park, but forgot that he had it in his backpack until after he was already aboard the Disney World bus and on his way to Epcot. Langston said he simply did not want to go back to his hotel to put up the gun, so he placed it in the backside of his waistband.

Langston was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and issued a trespass warning from Disney theme parks.

[ ABC 9 ]

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