Creepy clown quits act after getting clocked with gun (VIDEO)

A 20-year-old self-described professional prankster from Stockton, California, is hanging up his creepy clown act after he was knocked in the head with handgun by a target who didn’t find his trick too amusing.

Sadiq Mohammad has a cameraman who films his pranks and he then presents the clips to his nearly 7 million Instagram followers under the name “HoodClips.”

This week, Mohammad thought he’d get in on the creepy clown craze – spooking employees at a Taco Bell drive-thru, creeping out a kid playing basketball, who incidentally threw the ball at him. But when he jumped out of some bushes – wearing his clown garb get-up – Mohammad was the one who got the biggest scare.

The innocent victim didn’t take lightly to having the bajeezus scared out of him by a man in a clown suit and, after a brief verbal exchange, pulled out a handgun and knocked Muhammad in the head.

Physically, Muhammad is okay, but he’s done clowning around.

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