A fast 15 minute primer on the 'Chicago Typewriter' (VIDEO)

Ahoy covers the backstory, design and use of the Thompson submachine gun with a special emphasis on film and game cameos, arguing it is the all-American SMG.

Splicing film footage, CGI graphics, and game play, it’s better than your average History Channel production and gets most of the facts right– touching on everything from the Blish Lock of the early M1921/28 models, its use by cops and crooks alike in the Roaring 20s, regulation under the NFA (along with its little known tie to the Motion Picture guidelines of the same era), and, of course, WWII’s M1/M1A1.

“No other firearm evokes an era quite like it…”

If you dig it, Ahoy has also done some other arms vids such as the ones below on the FAL, 1911, and Minigun.

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