Shannon Watts: Will Hillary 'knock on the door or come through the window?' to get your guns

Responding to one of the NRA’s latest videos, the Moms Demand Action founder took to twitter to ridicule warnings that a Hillary Clinton presidency will come with gun confiscation attached.

Last week, NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre dropped a video via NRA TV speaking about the legacy of the Obama Administration and gave dire predictions for what legal gun owners would be in for with a follow-on by his former Secretary of State.

To give it a signal boost, NRA News tweeted, “Hillary Clinton ‘will come for your guns’ -@NRA’s Wayne LaPierre. See his full message @ #NRATV:  #SaveTheSecond #2A”

Which Watts replied to several days later with, “.@NRA: Will she knock on the door or come through the window? Does she have a master key for all American homes? #askingforafriend #unhinged”

Apparently Watts has never heard of a Master Key shotgun

…or maybe she has…

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