Homeless woman ‘protecting’ Trump star attacked by angry mob

After Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a vandal last week, one homeless woman took it upon herself to watch over the star, but her actions were met by an angry mob who attacked her, knocked her to the ground and tore up signs showing support for the presidential candidate.

A nearly three-minute video, which can be seen below, was posted to YouTube showing the hateful actions toward the woman, whose name is reportedly Denise Scott.

Scott had numerous signs showing support for Trump, as well as disdain for his opponent and the current president. One poster read, “20 Million Illegals and Americans Sleep on the Street in Tents. Vote Trump.”

But a group of people did not take kindly to Scott’s opinions and retaliated with physical force. At least one man gently tried to pull her attackers away, while a whole crowd of people stood by and did nothing. One man even laughed as she was being attacked and said, “Where’s Trump now?”

Even people who were admittedly against Trump said the anti-Trumpers seen in the video took it much too far.

Meanwhile, someone has set up a Go Fund Me account for the woman, but so far, efforts to locate her have been unsuccessful.

[ CBS ]

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