What to do with all those leftover pumpkins? How about .50 cal! (VIDEO)

With pumpkin pie apparently not the thing in Georgia, the crew at IV8888 stacked em deep and brought out the Barrett .50 BMG at point blank range to see just how ballistically impervious they are.

Starting with a standard API round against a solid wall of the Great Pumpkin’s subjects, they move on to a 750-grain Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos (“This bullet pretty much shoots through souls,” says Eric) as well as a LD 327-grain CQB (“This thing is getting at some wicked butt naked speeds, he says) to bring the pain.

Interestingly enough, it seems that a wall of 9-10 gourdes are enough to stop a .50 cal– in some loadings, with some pumpkins, your mileage may vary.

Warning: pumpkins were horribly maimed and destroyed in the making of this video.

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