‘Freddy Krueger’ shoots 5 people at Halloween party

Five people were injured at a Halloween party in San Antonio early Sunday morning after a man opened fire with a shotgun.

The suspects, ignoring the fact that they were not invited, showed up at the party just before 5 a.m., and an argument ensued when the homeowner asked the two men to leave. But instead of leaving as asked, one of the suspects retrieved a shotgun and began shooting at partygoers.

Cassie Nogueron, who lives next door, told reporters that she heard a single gunshot followed by five or six additional shots. After the shooting, the suspects fled from the scene.

Nogueron first made sure her family was safe, then looked outside. She described the scene as “chaotic,” with everyone running around – some away from the scene and others toward those who were injured.

Altogether, five people were shot – four males and one female. The female apparently tried to drive herself to the hospital, but was involved in a car accident before she could make it. The male victims were transported to two different hospitals. All of their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

It is unknown if the gunshot victims knew the suspects or whether they were targeted or simply caught in the crossfire.

At this point, the suspects have only been identified as black males, but one of them was dressed as Freddy Krueger, the dream-invading villain from the 80s classic slasher film “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Nogueron noted the fact that the suspect was dressed as Freddy Krueger made the incident “more of a mystery.”

Nogueron said she has lived in the neighborhood for about three years and, during that time, nothing like this has ever happened before. She called the area very friendly and family oriented.

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