Hitting the silk with German paratroopers in 360 degrees (VIDEO)

The German Army (Bundeswehr) on Tuesday released a video of their elite Fallschirmjäger hopping out of a perfectly good airplane with a dizzying 360-degree field of view.

The Germans were the first to used military paratroopers in combat, seizing airfields and strategically important points as early as 1940 during their Blitzkrieg across Europe. Though disbanded in 1945, both the East and West German armies were quick to reform sky soldier units in the 1950s. You could say that, along with Panzer and mountain units, it’s kind of their thing.

Today’s Fallschirmjäger are armed with a combination of weapons by HK (who else?) to include G36s, HK416s and 417s as well as the new MG5 general purpose machine gun. Sidearms are the USP (designated P8 in Bundeswehr service).

The above video, taken during a practice jump of Fallschirmjägerregiment 26, was garnered by a 360-degree helmet cam where the user can adjust the field of view to get a richer experience.

Sure, its in German, but you get the idea. Just kill the audio and play some Rammstein in the background.

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