Noir on the Springfield Armory Saint 5.56 (VIDEO)

Springfield Armory teased for weeks (months?) about the new Saint, promising something different. On November 1 they debuted….an AR-15.

Sure, the company started in the 1960s with M1A1 M14-ish rifles and over the years imported FAL (SAR 48/4800) and HK 91 (SAR 3/8) style battle rifles from Europe while revamping their .308s with the SOCOM line and others, always staying north of 5.56.

Now, the company is going the AR route, and Colion Noir’s initial impressions of the gun are positive.

“I feel like Springfield was going for something different: like they wanted to bring an affordable AR-15 to the market that you didn’t feel you had to change to be proud of it,” says Noir of the newest black rifle on the block.

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