SilencerCo goes SBS with an all-American Salvo 870 package (PHOTOS)

All that is missing is the apple pie...(Photos: SilencerCo)

All that is missing is the apple pie…(Photos: SilencerCo)

The newest entry into SilencerCo’s Summit series line of package guns is a Remington 870 short barreled shotgun with a breacher-capped Salvo suppressor.

Because America.

The 870 SBS has been cut down to a 14-inch IC barrel and paired with a 8-inch Salvo 12 can — the first time the suppressor has been offered to the public in such a configuration with the breacher front cap.

To keep grubby paws off, the set comes in a San Tan Woodwork red white and blue concealment case outfitted with a custom foam insert that cradles the burner, the can and a 10-shot MTM ammo case, which is enough to get you started when you need to repel boarders.

The set is limited to a 25 gun/can/case run.


Since it is a SBS and a suppressor, there are two (2) NFA tax stamps involved (call your Congressman) with MSRP set at $1,795.  Just passing it on.

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