Trump family gets ugly reaction to personalized plates (VIDEO)

Nine years ago, Brian Trump of Tualatin, Oregon, went with personalized license plates for his car, but now those vanity plates are gaining him some attention on the road – some good, but more bad.

Trump, who said he knows of no relation to the current presidential candidate, noted that there’s quite a few Ryan’s and Brian’s around town, so he’s always just gone by “Trump.” He said it just makes things easier. But about a year and a half ago, he started noticing a pattern of people being not-so-nice to him on the road.

“It took me a minute to figure out,” Trump explained. “I didn’t cut this person off, [I] used my blinker, I’m not like driving crazy.”

Finally, he put two and two together when someone asked if he was a Trump supporter.

“I’ve gotten a couple of thumbs up,” he said. “But, it’s generally the vulgar language, mean looks, flipping you off, that kind of thing has unfortunately been a lot more common.”

Likewise, Trump’s wife, who has similar plates on her car, has run into the same problem, but he pointed out that it’s a bit different for her.

“You have three grown men yelling at a woman alone in her car, it’s kind of scary you know,” Trump said. “You don’t want something to happen.”

Nonetheless, Trump said he has no intentions of changing the plates. He said he won’t let anyone “bully him” out of sporting the plates, but he does plan to purchase window decals letting other drivers know Trump is his last name.

But Trump also noted it goes beyond politics.

“Even if I was a die-hard Trump supporter, why should there be potential threats of violence or vulgar language?” Trump said. “Try to treat everyone how you would want to be treated. It’s pretty simple. I mean, you might have a difference of opinion with someone, but it doesn’t mean you got to be rude or aggressive.”

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