Charlie Daniels: 'I don’t want to lose my freedoms' (VIDEO)

Gun maker Daniel Defense teamed with musician Charlie Daniels for a video that’s part political message and part gun commercial to convey themes of patriotism and Christianity.

The Georgia-based company released the video Tuesday in a call for “Second Amendment supporters” to hit the ballot box next week to vote for the candidate who support gun rights.

“If we elect people who want to take away our Second Amendment rights away from us, we’re at their mercy,” said Daniels, while wearing a Daniel Defense hat and as images of cows, a religious shack and an American flag dangling from a post flash across the screen.

“We get in turmoil and everything and we put our eyes on a politician or a government or something — that ain’t gonna help,” Daniels said. “We are the power of the United States. We — the people — are the power. Not those guys that we pay their salary. We can put them on a pedestal sometimes and we think that we work for them. They work for us.”

Neither Daniels nor Marty Daniel, owner of the Daniel Defense, explicitly said vote for Donald Trump in the video, but Daniel referred fans to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for more information about candidates it supports. The trade organization has been campaigning for Trump.

Also, earlier in the campaign season, in March, Daniels appeared in a video on behalf of the National Rifle Association to warn terrorists about America. The NRA endorsed Trump at its annual meeting and has spent more than $26 million in support of his candidacy.

“Some people are willing to lose some freedoms just to maintain their way of life. I’m not. I don’t want to lose my freedoms. I don’t want my freedoms taken away from me,” Daniels said.

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