Shooting a massively over-sized flintlock wall gun (VIDEO)

Mae from C&Rsenal has lots of experience with gargantuan weaponry, but even she gets a lot of punishment from this huge flintlock.

Wall guns are outsized rifles that look as if they once belonged to Paul Bunyan, the Barrett .50-cal of their day– only bigger. Though smaller than true artillery, these guns were essentially supersized versions of the standard foot soldier’s musket or rifle. Typically, they have barrel lengths measured in feet rather than inches, with the five-foot long barrel being particularly popular. Weighing as much as 30-50 pounds, they could be carried into battle by a crew of two to three gunners or mounted on a rampart (wall) for defense of a fort from outside threats. In the field, they usually used a support pole or bipod, and when mounted on a fort, they could be fitted with a cradle and swivel.

In the above video, Mae and her furrier counterpart Othais, were helping to instruct local cadets in the finer points of just such a weapon.

While the vid starts off slow, watch for that beautiful bean footage about half way in.

For scale:

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