Dad arrested after toddler brings loaded gun to school, but judge calls case ridiculous (VIDEO)

A 31-year-old father was arrested Tuesday morning after a loaded handgun was found in his 3-year-old’s backpack, but the judge presiding over the case called the so-called evidence against him “ridiculously slim.”

Anthony Earl Chiles brought his child to Moten Elementary School in Washington, D.C. around 9:30 a.m., but per school policy because they were late, a security guard was tasked with taking the child inside the school and to his class. Chiles left his child with the security guard, but when the security guard asked the child what class he belonged in, the child was unable to tell him. So, the security guard checked the child’s backpack for any identifying information, but instead found a loaded Glock 17 with a round in the chamber.

Officials reviewed the security footage from the school, which showed Chiles bringing the child to the school and resting his hand on the backpack, what authorities dubbed as “probable cause.”

Chiles was arrested and charged with carrying a pistol without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition and recklessly endangering a child’s physical, mental or emotional health. But apparently there’s no evidence that the pistol belonged to Chiles or even that he knew it was in the child’s backpack. In fact, the child stayed at his grandmother’s house the night before, where other adults were also in the home. Authorities interviewed those in the home, but it’s still not clear where the gun came from.

Meanwhile, Judge Renee Raymond called the evidence against Chiles “ridiculously slim” and “barely a footprint in the snow.” Furthermore, Raymond said Wednesday that while she would hold Chiles overnight, she was adamant he have a hearing first thing Thursday morning.

[ Fox 5 ]

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