Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman: a hero for gun control? (VIDEO)

Warner Bros. dropped the latest Wonder Woman trailer on Thursday and some are already calling it a new anthem to gun control.

“A new trailer for the highly anticipated DC film helmed by director Patty Jenkins debuted on Thursday and gives us a better picture of what inspires the Amazon princess to leave her home of Themyscira for the human world: a potentially fatal gun shooting,” writes Cole Delbyck for the HuffPost in a piece titled “This New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Essentially Makes The Case For Gun Control”– although the scene takes up about six seconds in the nearly three minute trailer.

More time is spent showing the scourge of chemical weapons (unleashed first by the Germans in the World War I time period the film is set) and in expansive trench warfare scenes than in a fellow Amazon being on the receiving end of a Mauser round from a German landser.

Sure, Diana (Wonder Woman, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot) wards off incoming rounds with her ballistically impervious bracelets, but they seem to be fired at her from German Spandaus and Mausers while she strolls across No Man’s Land from Allied lines– and it should be noted that her companions, both in an aged photo of her crew and in the action scenes, have no problems heroically using trench guns (which the Germans felt were barbaric) along with Enfields, Webleys and others to dish out some justice.

If anything, the trailer makes the case more German control.

Nonetheless, Delbyck doubles down on the gun control sentiments by spoon feeding, “In comic book lore, Wonder Woman traditionally has never been a big fan of guns, so it’s no coincidence that the two trailers for the film feature the superhero deflecting bullets like it’s no big deal and destroying a gun with her bare hands.”

The scene he mentions comes from the previous trailer where WW cracks a Gew98 like kindling across her back– while fighting Kaiser Willy’s boys.

Again, more German control.

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Gadot is not an unknown in Hollywood, having played two very firearm familiar females on screen in just the past few years– Gisele Yashar, an ex-Mossad agent in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise and exotic lingerie-wearing neighbor Natalie Jones (who is actually a secret agent) in the comedy “Keeping Up with the Joneses.”

As noted by the Internet Movie Firearms Database, this has put everything from FN SCAR-Ls to grenade launchers to Sig and Jericho (hey, she is Israeli) pistols in her hands on screen.

It should also be noted that she served two years in the Israeli Defense Forces and has caught hell from social justice warriors over it. In the IDF she served as a combat trainer and does not regret it, telling People Magazine, “Part of being Israeli is to go to the army. All my friends went, my parents went and my grandparents went,” and “It’s nice in that way that you give back to society. You give back valued time to the country.”

HuffPo didn’t mention that.

Now send more Germans…

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