Inside the armed cannabis security guards that protect Colorado's weed industry (VIDEO)

Barred from using debit and credit cards or storing their cash in banks due to federal regulations, huge sums of cash and legal marijuana need protecting.

Vice News goes inside General Cannabis’ Iron Protection Group (IPG), a veteran-owned specialty security company that sees green in the most green of industry. And it is serious business, with the grow they visit having a cool $1 million in recreational weed in one 9,000 sq. ft room alone. They carry Glocks on the job and shoot at the range every Friday.

Several of the vets on the job suffer from PTSD and use cannabis for treatment.

Perusing IPG’s site and you see that they offer some very specialized services that you don’t find on your typical flashlight cop offerings including recreational marijuana store protection, marijuana grow room security, secure marijuana transport services, marijuana industry employee protection, and outdoor grow site protection.

For some of the vets on IPG’s payroll with PTSD, the job was a logical choice.

“Nobody wants to hurt anybody, and the way to cure this is purpose,” says co-founder Hunter Garth, a Marine vet. “And we only have one skill set. What do you want us to do?”

And yes, they are hiring.

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