Company promises to integrate drones in home security (VIDEO)

A startup wants to use an autonomous quadcopter along with smart lights in an integrated security system to protect your home.

Sunflower Labs, based in Palo Alto, California and Zurich, Switzerland, has been in what they term “stealth mode” for several months as they created their Sunflower Home Awareness System.

The system uses a set of smart lights that are loaded with sensors that keep tabs on everything and look for patterns, to figure out just what a bump in the night is for each user.

“Each Smart Light has over a dozen sensors, and by using sensor fusion and accumulating the data, the system identifies ‘out of the ordinary’ behavior,” reads a statement released Thursday. “An alert is sent to your phone or tablet, and other smart-home integrations can also be notified.”

The other smart-home integrations: a flying camera that heads out from its launching station and starts live streaming video of the area of interest identified by the smart lights.

“We think true peace of mind doesn’t come from building a stronger fortress or a better panic room,” says Sunflower. “Instead, it comes from knowing more about what’s happening around your home — knowing that noise was the delivery guy or that pesky raccoon.”

The group hopes to have the system available next year.

Now if they just strap a .45 to it…

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